Aakash Jain is a Struggling Programmer, Analyst and a Geek (Tech) who likes to blog about the things he encounter during his daily journey through Internet. Presently, working as a Senior Software Engineer Technical Analyst at NIIT Technologies Ltd and having 6+ years of experience in the IT field. Asp.Net, XML, WCF, Silverlight,Web2.0, Social Media are few topics of his Interest. He likes himself keep busy with learning new technologies and stuff.

Aakash Jain

More? Likes to explore new technologies as much as he can. Lives more virtually than actual social life (I’m not Neo). Interact more with computers than human beings around. Trying to establish himself in the web communities. He like to play Counter strike, Table Tennis and sometimes chess for fun. Loves to travel high altitude places somewhere between the earth and space. Believe to have good sense of humor around friends.

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If you like to drop a message, please visit contact form. Vaibhav Jain is the co auther of this blog, visit his profile here.

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