After running my blog over WordPress for few days, I can say that it has been successfully migrated from dasBlog to WordPress. This action come after considering that dasBlog is too slow to add new blogging features as WordPress is doing. I have been using dasBlog for 2 years and was happy with it, but time to move on.

The migration process is smooth and mainly breaks  in 4 steps for me On safer side, I stimulate the migration process on my PC before finally performing on this site.

Step 1. Migration starts with a fresh installation of WordPress on targeting server/computer. It is simple and detailed installation instructions can be found here. My blog is hosted on Godaddy and it provides a easy installation of WordPress. You can also check your hosting provider for this.

Step 2. DasBlog to BlogML ConverterThis is a GUI tool which will generate the BlogMl from your dasBlog posts.  To give a brief overview – BlogML main goal is to provide the ability to port between different blog engines.

At the time of this migration, I don’t see any utility which can directly migrate dasBlog to WordPress. I’ve first migrated it to BlogML and then from BlogML to WordPress. and backup.

Step 3. Now you have to import this BlogML to newly setup wordpress.  I used this plugin (BlogML-WordPress-Import) of wordpress. You should know how to install wordpress plugin to use this.
(But before import you might want to configure the “Permalinks” (under Settings) as you desired. If you do this before importing posts, you can benefit with a file that contains the old and corresponding new Urls. This information can be used for 301 Redirects.)

4. You will have to place the attachments and images manually on the right path on server. Also don’t forget static pages and any extra stuff that you may want to move with new blog. You can also set the 301 Redirects, this will ensure that traffic from links point to right post on your blog. To set this up open .htaccess file and add your old and new link (Make sure you add full ‘New Link’  (with as follows-

redirect 301 /dir1/old_link.aspx

The above four steps conclude the migration process. Easy it was.

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Moved from dasBlog to Wordress
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2 thoughts on “Moved from dasBlog to Wordress

  • March 13, 2009 at 6:10 am

    Neat blog!! Think you need to change your who is accordingly 😉

  • March 13, 2009 at 9:25 am

    Yeah! That’s long due, will try this weekend.

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